The Ultimate Home Buying Experience

Have you ever wished you could speed up and simplify the mortgage process? By combining the expertise of our excellent Loan Officers and Account Executives with new technological advances, you can benefit from a faster, more efficient mortgage experience with far less paperwork.

Close your loan in 10 days or less!

Finally...a faster, easier way home.

Traditional Mortgages vs. Ultimate Homebuying Experience

Promoting Successful Homeownership through Quick & Easy Home Loans

Putting today’s technology to work for borrowers, the Ultimate Home Buying Experience takes you from application approval to closing quickly while keeping the entire process simple.

Not sure how a traditional mortgage works, or struggling to understand why the Ultimate Homebuying Experience is better than the usual route?

Traditional Mortgages For the typical homebuyer, the search for a mortgage is a large investment. Buyers are encouraged to “shop around” to find the best deal, which can be tedious and can often be stressful and confusing as well. Once a homebuyer has done their shopping and applied for the mortgage they want, that’s not the end of it—the process has only just started. The typical time frame, from start to finish, usually takes about 30 to 45 days— a month or more. During this time frame, there is a great amount of paperwork to be completed. Income, asset, and employee information will need to be verified. Even when a lender is doing his or her best to speed up the process, the traditional mortgage method is fairly slow by nature. Plus, the traditional method tends to use older technology and may not be the most eco-friendly option.

The Ultimate Homebuying Experience shines in a lot of the places where a traditional mortgage fails. Our goal with this program is to create an opportunity for homebuyers to get their loan in 10 days or less. Alongside the stress of buying a home, there is the issue of competition within the housing market. If a buyer in a competitive market tells the seller that they’re planning to close quickly, they may have a better chance at getting the house they want. In addition to being speedier and more efficient (which appeals to just about everybody—why wouldn’t it?), the Ultimate Homebuying Experience is attractive to many people just because it’s more sustainable and eco-friendly. Without the need for fax machines and snail mail, the Ultimate Homebuying Experience’s all-digital process is streamlined. Though you may need to produce a few physical documents, most of the application will be digital.

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