Professional Mortgage Review

What can you do with a mortgage review?

Whether you're purchasing a new home or a current homeowner, getting a mortgage review is beneficial. Chances are, you are paying too much in fees and monthly charges. Find out how we can help you change that.

At Red Team, our mortgage review calls are never follow-ups or check-ins. Rather, we aim to make calls efficient and valuable, working to build and foster client relationships. This quick review ensures your mortgage still fits best within your short and long term financial needs and objectives. During these calls, we will ensure that your information is up to date and verified.

Our main objective is to provide clients with the mortgage that best suits them. Whatever life throws at you—home improvements, college tuition, job promotions—we will analyze your current mortgage and offer different options that will alleviate unnecessary financial burden.

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Rick Elmendorf is committed to being a trusted resource in meeting the specific needs of the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces who serve, or have served, our country with resolute sacrifice.

The VA Loan is an exclusive financing option for active duty military personnel, veterans and their families. As the #1 VA lending team in Virginia, allow us to help you finance your next VA home loan. With the VA loan you can finance up to 100% of the value of your home. Purchase a new home, cash out to pay off bills, finance a new home even if your eligibility is tied up and more!